catering-banner1-revSome people cynically say that the only two things that America has given world culture is jazz and comic books. Bull! We’ve also given the world the wonders of good old American barbeque!

Now those same people might claim that barbeque is a taste, and not a culture. As much as we live, breathe, and eat barbeque with our friends, family, and customers, we beg to differ once again; American barbeque is indeed a culture!

At Smokin’ Dave’s, our slogan is “We Are Dedicated To Preserving and Honoring the Art of American BBQ.” Let’s take a look at some of the aspects of that slogan.


We spent the last two blogs talking all about the different types of sauces that have come from across our country, and how we’ve modified them to create something that we think is even better. We honor the origins of barbeque and have used those ideas as a stepping stone to what we serve in our Lyons and Estes Park restaurants. We’re always looking back even as we look forward to our next sauce!


bbq-2-160719-578e71352f5c4Of course, BBQ isn’t just about sauce. It’s about the way that the sauce is applied and cooked, and to what kind of meat that it’s being applied. Colorado has a long, proud tradition of being cowboy country, and what were those cowboys driving? Cows! Colorado has also provided grazing space for cows for well over a century. Of course, brisket isn’t all we do; we also offer ribs, chicken, fish, and lots of other great options at both restaurants.


There’s a lot of science involved in cooking, but barbecue is far from an exact science! We love experimenting with the different sauces and cooking methods in order to find something even more flavorful than the last batch.

We love barbeque and we love barbeque culture. When you’re ready to try something that’s a Colorado favorite, check out Smokin’ Dave’s!