sd_sweetoriginallabel_final-proof-01-copy-1140x606Our last blog was a fun one, running down the list of the different BBQ sauces that you’ll find across America (and in your local grocery store aisle, now that nearly every type has been bottled!) It all started with East Carolina, a simple vinegar, pepper flake, and black pepper combination. The blog ended with something that would make some wonder if it’s even BBQ sauce at all: the mayonnaise-based Alabama white sauce.

So when you stop by Smokin’ Dave’s, what will you find us using? What types of BBQ sauce has Dave created to honor the meat?


While we’re always experimenting with new flavors, it’s hard to beat the original. The Sweet Original starts with a tomato base (ketchup) and adds natural sweeteners such as molasses and brown sugar. The next ingredient is mustard, which isn’t always used in a Kansas City style sauce like this. While it’s steeped in Kansas City tradition, it’s truly an original!


This one starts out a lot like the Sweet Original, but we dial up the heat! We take chipotle peppers and put them way at the top of the ingredient list. How high? It’s the second ingredient after the ketchup base! We then add a bunch of other ingredients that perfectly complement the peppers and tomato base.


How do we make it tangy? Dial up the vinegar, dial down the sweetener. This sauce would probably be most accurately described as a Memphis sauce, since it has a high vinegar content and uses molasses as the primary sweetener.


The name gives this one away! This isn’t the East Carolina sauce mentioned above; the closest category that this sauce fits into is South Carolina mustard sauce. The base is mustard, and like most BBQ sauces the tang of the mustard is tempered with brown sugar to bring it back to the sweet side. We then add some secret and not-so-secret ingredients to make it our own.

Want to see exactly what’s in each of our sauces? Check them all out here; we’ve bottled them so that you can take the goodness home with you. But if you want to try them first, used as expertly as they can be, stop by our restaurants in Estes Park and Lyons!