smokindavebg7If you’ve never been into our Lyon’s or Estes Park restaurant, there’s a good chance that you won’t be sure where to start. After all, we are a BBQ restaurant…which BBQ should you try?

Some of you might find the answer obvious. You order the pulled pork, right? Every BBQ restaurant should be judged by its pulled pork. But others would argue that there’s no better way to decide whether or not a BBQ place is worth recommending until they try the ribs. “No way” others will say, “I’m not deciding if I come back until I try their brisket! And all four sauces!”

Sometimes all three of these people are in the same party, and the best way for them all to find out if Smokin’ Dave’s is the local restaurant to return to again and again is to order our big trays. Say hello to the Big Kahuna Belly Buster and the Not-So-Teeny Wahine!

Both of these options come on a huge tray, and everyone can dig into the particular dish and start judging us! Both come with full- or half-portions of our most popular BBQ offerings: St. Louis ribs, roasted chicken, brisket, pulled pork, four side dishes (take a look at some local favorites here), and cornbread! Sauces are right beside you at the table, and when you get messy (and you will get messy), there are paper towels within arm’s reach.

The Big Kahuna Belly Buster tends to serve five to six people, but of course it always depends on each person’s appetite and how much they love barbeque! The Not-So-Teeny Wahini tends to feed two or three people. Think of a family of four: if you have small kids, get the smaller option. If you’ve got two teenage boys, the Big Kahuna is for you!

When you want to experience the best barbeque at any Lyons or Estes Park restaurant, get a lot of food at Smokin’ Dave’s!