It doesn’t matter if you live in Lyons or are willing to travel to get to the best BBQ around. When you walk into Smokin’ Dave’s you’ll be greeted with a smile, because we’re ready to cook up an awesome meal for you.

So when you sit down to check out our menu, you might wonder “what’s the best way to get a good taste of Smokin’ Dave’s best BBQ?” Well, we might just suggest grabbing a few things from our appetizer menu.


Some people judge a BBQ restaurant on their pulled pork. Others judge a BBQ joint on how good their brisket is. Well, the Pit Master Slider is what you’re looking for if you want to get a taste of them both!


Ready to try some awesome wings? Here’s a full pound that we toss in Dave’s original BBQ sauce. If you love wings, they make a great way to get our amazing sauce into your mouth! (We can also toss them in a more traditional hot sauce if that’s the direction you want to go.)


Love nachos? Want to find out just how good nachos can be? When you order up Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ nachos, you’ll get to try the meat you haven’t tried yet, because you can order them with brisket, pulled pork, or pulled chicken. You’ll also get a great combination of red beans, shredded cheese, roasted jalapenos, cilantro, sour cream, and smoked chipotle salsa. It’s an instant favorite!

When you’re in Lyons and looking for a good restaurant to get some great food, you’re looking for Smokin’ Dave’s! Take a look at our Lyon’s restaurant menu right here.