smokindavebg6-300x180Here at Smokin’ Dave’s, we’re all about the barbeque. But when you get the meat just right, it’s time to move on and get the rest of the food as good as it possibly can be. That’s why we offer at least eleven great sides at our Estes Park and Lyons restaurants that will perfectly match barbeque culture and complement the taste of our food.


While barbeque came from all over the country, it has its roots in the south. The same goes for really good red beans and rice. It’s always a good idea to get some non-meat in your diet, and the rice and red beans will certainly satisfy. Oh yeah, and there’s meat in them too!

JALAPENO HUSHPUPPIESsmokin-daves-1-160906-57cec9940c8ca

C’mon, you know you want them! The jalapeno hushpuppies are just the right amount of spicy, enough to have a little kick but not so bad that you’ll regret getting them. Make sure to grab yours before the kids take them all!


We’re not talking about mushy green beans from a can. These are fresh green beans that have been sauteed just enough to make them tender (and then topped with bacon, because, you know…barbeque restaurant!)


A barbeque restaurant typically picks one of two bready options: white bread or cornbread. Considering we’re not restricting ourselves to the Texas mentality of barbeque, white bread isn’t really necessary. So we’ve decided to bake up some yummy cornbread for your meal.

All of those sides and many more await you at our Estes and Lyons restaurants. Ready to get some real barbeque? We’re already making it for you slow and low at Smokin’ Dave’s!