about-ctaHey, what do you think of our website? Pretty smooth, right? It gives you that initial impression of what Smokin’ Dave’s is like, makes your mouth water with pictures of food, and shows you a quick glance of what you’ll see when you stop by our Lyons or Estes Park restaurants.

So, our website looks good. But as slick as it is, we certainly don’t stand on formality when you stop by, no matter if you’re here for lunch or dinner. Here’s how we’re sticking by our traditional barbecue restaurant roots.


Remember about 10 years ago when you couldn’t see the walls at an Applebee’s because of all the junk they had on the walls? It was a popular way to decorate, with as many trombones, movie posters, and sports jerseys as possible. Then they spent millions of dollar across the country and redesigned every restaurant when that trend went away.

For Smokin’ Dave’s, what we have on the walls makes sense. It all has to do with the barbecue and barbecue culture, whether it’s a pig statue or a sign from a feed store. As we wrote about in this article, barbecue has been around for a long time and we like to honor that tradition.


One of the first things you’ll notice when our waitstaff seats you is that you’re not getting a traditional menu. Our newspaper menu is filled with riddles, jokes, trivia, and, of course, our excellent barbecue options. It’s a fun little blast from the past.


dinner-restaurant-161005-57f535f23cf8fIf we bring you a salad, feel free to pick up the fork. But we’re not some fancy dinner restaurant…grab those ribs and dig in!

When you’re ready for for the best barbecue in Estes Park or Lyons, you can stop by and get an authentic experience at Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ and Taphouse!