sd_tangy_final-proof-01-copy-1140x606At first you might say to yourself “why single out the BBQ sauce? After all, you’re a BBQ restaurant! With all the meat you serve, are people really worried about the BBQ sauce being vegan?”

While a true vegan might have trouble eating out with us in our Estes and Lyon’s restaurants, we’re happy to say that we have some offerings that aren’t red meat. In fact, our pecan crusted trout and fish ‘n chips are two of the most popular dishes our pescetarian customers. But some people go even further and go completely vegan. Will they want our sauce?

Let’s say that you pick up a bottle of Smokin’ Dave’s barbeque sauce to give to your vegan friend. Maybe they’d like to put it on their squash or tofu before grilling it, which honestly makes an incredible side dish. Is our BBQ sauce right for them?

bbq-1-160817-57b476d6dca15Sorry, but dedicated vegans will have a problem with it. While we don’t use meat drippings in our sauce like a Texas style sauce does, we do use Worcestershire sauce. “But wait,” you might ask “isn’t that just European soy sauce? What’s that got to do with veganism?” Well, Worcestershire sauce is actually fermented fish sauce, so those who don’t eat fish won’t like the fact that there are anchovies in our sauce. But Worcestershire sauce is so important to the taste that we’re not about to take it out. (And speaking of soy sauce, there’s also soy in the flavorings of Worcestershire sauce, an ingredient that some people are also interested in avoiding).

Most of our customers are simply stopping by our local restaurant because they want some amazing red meat BBQ, and we’re happy to supply them with it! But for those who eat along a different path, we want to make sure that they know exactly what’s going on in our sauce. For the rest of you…sop it up!