smokindavebg3-300x210It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a family reunion, hosting a corporate event, or even getting ready for your wedding reception…BBQ catering is going to go over well at all of them!

Here at Smokin’ Dave’s we started BBQ catering because people demanded it. Sure, it’s fun to stop by our Lyons and Estes Park restaurants and have some local brew, but isn’t it nice when it can come to you? Here are a few reasons choosing BBQ catering is a great option when you want to feed a group of people.


Some food just doesn’t travel well. For instance, hamburger catering just doesn’t sound appetizing because the patties get all floppy in the warming bins. That’s not the case with BBQ catering, because BBQ actually travels really well. Part of this is that we can calculate the” rest time” that the meat needs into your timeframe so that it tastes just as good as if you’d come into one of our barbecue restaurants.


Unless you’re hosting a conference for vegetarians, just about anyone can find something they like in our BBQ catering. If they’re not big pork eaters, offer some brisket. Not into red meat? Make sure to order some chicken wings, or half and whole chickens. The best thing is that everyone  is sure to find a favorite sauce among our four BBQ sauces.


All too often you’ll get to a catered event and find the same thing over and over again. (”Oh look, it’s chicken in alfredo sauce again.”) Shake things up a little bit and order some catering that they’re sure to be bragging to their friends about.

Ready to grab the best BBQ catering in Lyons and Estes Park? Check out our catering menu and have your next get-together covered!