estes-banner4You know the biggest perk of eating at Smokin’ Dave’s? The food. Hands down. No question. People come to us first and foremost for our barbecue, sides, and assorted tasty dishes.

Still, there are some other amenities that you can enjoy when you stop by either restaurant in Estes Park or Lyons. Let’s take a look.


Some people have unlimited cell phone plans, allowing them to surf and download constantly. But if you’re on a limited data plan, why not save your every datum you can and switch over to our free wi-fi?


Lyons is growing, meaning it’s becoming harder and harder to find a parking spot. Estes Park is has been crazy-busy for decades, and you can drive around for half an hour before you find a parking spot. Why not visit a restaurant that’s not right in the heart of town and enjoy our free, private parking?


bbq-161021-580a57bce4489We have just the right amount of TVs. Not too few for when you want to see the game (Olive Garden) and not too many as to distract you from your meal and good conversation (we’re looking at you, Buffalo Wild Wings).


Getting bad service just once can cause you to avoid a restaurant, even if it’s a favorite. We know that we need to treat you right every time, so we make sure to employ the nicest, most knowledgeable waiters to make your experience as good as possible.

Life’s too short to head to restaurants that disappoint. Stop by our barbecue restaurant today!